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Bailik 6000 impact block, sand making machine accessories throwing head



Our factory specializes in the production of various sand making machine accessories, wear-resistant blocks, impact blocks, split cones, upper and lower runner plates, baffle plates, impeller protection panels, side guards, guard rings, blanking buckets, impellers, and impeller assemblies Into. Sand making machine peripheral guard plate, jaw broken tooth plate, cone rolling mortar wall broken wall and other wear-resistant parts. Model 1145.1140.9526.9532.8518.8522.7611, Belyque 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, Dahong 1250, 2500, Penke 1250, 90 Shao Feng 1050, 7000, 2500, Omaisi, new style, old style, Taiwan crown , Yiyang 90, and all kinds of sand making machine accessories are readily available. Telephone: 18881850902


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